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PHONE NUMBER: 0341 36.58.30

Fax: 0341 28.73.97

e-mail: info@ipratico.it

OFFICE: Corso Matteotti, 5/H
23900 Lecco - Italy
Ebbene Yes, of course, we have a wonderful view on the stunning Como Lake from our office!

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday: closed


Do you want to create and develop super duper things? We are always looking for smiling people who are interested in doing something cool.. If you love programming or travelling and meeting clients... Send us your CV: info@ipratico.it


...and would you like to sell our products to yuor clients? Call us, we are waiting for you! info@ipratico.it


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