Most of the people dream a workmate like that...

someone else just choose it.

iPratico - gestionali per la ristorazione

Gestionali per la ristorazione - iPratico punto cassa

Keep everything under control

It's the most functional point-of-sale. You can manage your inventory, check your incomes, print your documents, keep an eye on your orders. Improve your daily work.

Tailored for your needs

and for your way of working! Use it in landscape mode as point-of-sale. Use it in portrait way for collecting orders. Add your menus, employees, customize the interface as you like...

It’s smart

It's the workmate you have been looking for: it's fast, reliable, perfect... and if you have any doubts? Customer support is always available..

It's cool

Forget about wires, bulky computers and complex keyboards: iPratico means design, technology and elegance. The attention to details makes the difference.

It’s dynamic

If you grow, it grows with you.
Start from one point-of-sale and, then if you need, add more iPads, connect more printers and devices. There is no limit on how it can grow.

It’s polite

Apple's user-friendly design joins the iPratico App tailored for you.

High Technology.
Designed around your business needs.

iPratico has been the first worldwide solution for Hotellerie-Restaurant and Cafe. it’s developed using the native Apple language in order to be fast and user-friendly. Thousand of restaurateurs in Italy and abroad already chose iPratico for its exclusive functionals and technical skills. Today you can choose between the handiness of the iPad Mini, the perfection of the iPad Air or the greatness of the iPad Pro.

iPratico iPratico iPratico

The perfect solution

if you use iPratico simply as a POS, not only it will meet all of your needs, but it can do much more! Thanks to a Wi-Fi connection you can use it in your place to take orders between tables.

iPratico - gestionali per la ristorazione

Surprisingly easy if you have a small business

Do you have several waiters?
Do you need more POS?
Is your business growing?
iPratico adapts itself to your needs. You can manage your business not only using more than one iPad at the same time but also connecting more than one printer in order to delivery your orders faster.

iPratico - gestionali per la ristorazione

Exceptional if you get bigger

Do you own a Franchising? Do you own more than a restaurant/place or shop? iPratico allow you to manage a centralized inventory, check your staff productivity, the receipts and analyze statistics. You'll have your business completely under control.

iPratico - gestionali per la ristorazione

Amazing if you become a multi-unit franchise owner

Voilà, dress change!

Find out which dress will best suit your business.

Take it easy, everything is under control.

Your business is fully in your hands, in your iPad, in your Smartphone and in your Mac or PC.

Thanks to the iPratico Web Portal developed on your needs you can organize your work in order to achieve the best every single day.

Update your menus, check your employees' performance, control your incomes, find out your top ten products, browse your statistics by custom time interval or check them in real time, double check your inventory and print reorder reports.


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